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Is there a GOG DB API?

All data stored is exposed at /data and can be requested using plain HTTP. GOG DB uses plain JSON files, sometimes gziped, to store data and an SQLite index for faster load times and they're all in that directory. If you want to operate on the full dataset, either use the index file or download a dump from /backups_v3. 100 small requests already generate a lot more server load than a single big one, so please use the backup downloads whenever possible. There is no documentation, read the source code to figure out what something means or ask me directly.

Can I scrape the website for data?

Please don't! All the collected data is available in machine readable JSON format, see "Is there a GOG DB API?". There is no hidden data that is only accessible through the website, so you would only be wasting server resources.

Which APIs does GOG DB monitor?

GOG DB uses the following GOG APIs calls to collect its data:


Can you help me with GOG related programming?

Probably, feel free to contact me and tell me what you're trying to achieve and I will try my best to help.


If you found bugs or want to request a feature, you can contact me on Discord (Yepoleb#6459), Steam or post them in the GOG community topic.

Source code

Source code is hosted on Github.