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Release Notes for ΔV: Rings of Saturn

0.556.12 - Uncertainty Principle

0.556.6 - Leaking Reactors

0.556.5 - Hunting Bounties

0.556.2 - Tidal Lock

Vanlock-Hosk Comet torn by tidal forces
Astrogation advisory for in-ring transits
Elon Interstellar StarCAT recall
Maintenance Logs

0.552.9 - Radiactive Decay

Runasimi released facelifted LIDAR chip
Launch fee tax evasion exposed
Radioactive leaks across the station
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0.550.4 - High Output

0.550.2 - Collision Course

0.549.2 - Parlay?

0.547.2 - Temporal Resolution

0.542.1 - Red Alert

0.539.6 - Brace for Impact

0.538.4 - Autonomic Love

Mandatory IFF Pilot training
New community patch for EIAA-1337 autopilot
New simulation theory breakthrough
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0.532.1 - Friends and Foes

0.530.6 - Vertigo Effect

0.530.3 - Enceladus Tour

0.524.3 - Safety Protocol

Bonus Content

0.523.2 - Bullet Heaven

0.520.5 - Pre-emption Rights

Bonus Content

Tales From The Rings free DLC expanded with:

0.520.2 - Total Recall

0.518.17 - Element of Surprise

Antonoff-Titan AT-K225 hits the market
New sensor data protocol
Elon Intersteallar Recall
Maintenance Logs

0.514.6 - Null Void

0.514.3 - Shifting Gears

0.511.4 - Quantity and Quality

0.505.7 - Unspeakable

0.505.6 - Moving Pictures

Entertainment and Advertising
Third party remote manipulator software approved
Astrogation protocols updated
Maintenance logs

0.501.5 - Market Hack

0.501.1 - Cryomarket Crash

Mineral Market Deregulation
Extended pre-flight inspections
Auxiliary loophole closed
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0.498.6 - Little Helpers

MLF Haul Drone recall
THI Cargo Containers facelift
Special deorbiting fee
Maintenance Logs

0.494.11 - Terminal Resolution

0.494.8 - Heads Up

0.494.3 - Digital Facelift

Modified ships approved
Another Digital Mimas performance
Information boards at docks
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0.486.25 - Displayed Aspect

0.484.18 - Folding Space

0.484.13 - Entangled Telecomunication

0.484.8 - Continuous Variety

0.480.5 - Devil in Details

0.480.4 - Legal Combat

Runasimi loses on a technicality

The leading producer of LIDAR hardware, Runasimi Inc, lost a case in First Enceladian Court over not exposing rangefinding capabilities in their software package. The case presented by an independent contractor hinged over a technicality of having “Ranging” present in the name of “Light Detection and Ranging” equipment. While Runasimi accepted the ruling and rolled out an OTA update to their software, the company soon retaliated by suing the contractor for unlicensed use of military-grade targeting hardware.

Obonto shackles companions

Obonto Microengineering in cooperation with Nakamura Dynamics rolled out an unexpected upgrade to its popular reconnaissance drone. By cleverly subverting the standard SANBUS protocol of modern ships the upgraded drone is able to remotely inject operational imperatives to the class-2 artificial intelligence of Nakamura-Titan Mining Companions, enabling captains to direct the notoriously quirky drones with commands that they cannot disobey. AI researchers raised concerns over the possible unexpected side effects of connecting AI systems with a remote network.

Salvage audits across the station

With an increasing number of independent contractors entering the salvage operations industry, Enceladus Corp is conducting a station-wide audit of the salvage logs. Station authorities will search for both illegitimate salvages and any unusual salvage patterns that might suggest foul play.

Maintenance Logs

0.477.13 - Quantum Tunneling

0.477.6 - Increased Verbosity

0.477.3 - Focused Commitment

0.475.2 - Mass Processing

0.473.4 - Crowning Achievement

0.473.2 - Squadron 303

0.467.4 - Everything not saved will be lost

Maintenance Logs

0.463.0 - Pirates of the Ganymedean

0.461.3 - Cosmic Background

Digital Mimas performance
Man-Hub adjudicated legal across Sol
Thruster burns are a basis for weregilds
Maintenance Logs

0.459.3 - Opposite Reaction

0.453.5 - The Multiverse

Possible parallel universes
A class-action lawsuit against Nakamura Dynamics
Ring-rage incidents on the rise
Maintenance records

0.451.0 - Ganymedean Approach

Organized crime activity
Increased interlunar bandwidth
Insurance investigations
Maintenance Records

0.445.1 - Enceladus Waxing

0.444.6 - Pathfinder

0.444.1 - Access Denied

0.441.5 - Rapid Expansion

0.439.6 - Barrel Roll

0.439.3 - The Bughunt Encounter

0.436.4 - Effect of Mass

0.432.10 - Terminate Hostilities

0.431.13 - Unseen Imagery

0.431.8 - Freefall

Custom craft approved for mining equipment
Unrest in the industrial ring
Nakamura Dynamics Recall
Maintenance Logs

0.428.6 - Nuclear Leak

0.427.2 - Impulse Shielding

0.424.2 - Rearmed


The Synchrotron Controversy

Omaewamou-Shinderu’s most recent entry in the realm of weapons manufacture has earned imports from Uranus and especially its moon Miranda embargoes or bans in most systems on the grounds of safety and environmental concerns. Named after the spear that Odin would carry into battle during Ragnarok, this repurposed small proton collider has been stripped of most safety and measurement equipment. The charge it carries is enormous and takes time to dissipate in the rings, creating a very hazardous environment to mine in. Enceladus Prime has not yet made any regulatory rulings on this device.

New photosensors for reconnaissance drones

In a collaboration between Runasimi and Obonto Micro Engineering, new standards have been agreed upon regarding recon drone photosensors. Anticipating a drop in costs associated with standardized supply, the new photosensors promise better image clarity, with a higher dynamic range and onboard postprocessing.

Superconductor Improvements

Exiting a phase of testing and feedback, safety regulations surrounding this relatively new technology have been lifted. With an established track record of safety, SMES systems are now approved to operate much closer to their theoretical full potential, making them much more useful and reliable in providing a large power reserve for periods of peak usage.

Maintenance Records

0.416.9 - Phantom Pain

0.416.2 - Memory Leak

New hardware simulation provider

Electro Ride Systems won their bid for the deployment of spaceflight simulation software to Enceladian Shipyards, replacing the well-known Nakamura Dynamics spaceflight simulators. Spokespeople for ERS assured us that their 3.0 simulation software is as accurate as their competitor’s, and features a comparative simulation mode. Nakamura has challenged the validity of the bid, citing insufficient resolution to meet the contract parameters.

Subcontractor records leaked

An anonymous hacker leaked all Enceladus Corp subcontractor records, including estimated excavation yields, financial status and other private documents. Local ATLAS operatives launched a full-scale investigation hinting at possible AI connection. Enceladus representatives refused to comment.

Updated salvage policy

An investigation into the reckless endangerment of crew health and safety found a surprising resolution, as an Enceladus Corp Board of Inquiry exonerated a captain who permitted a crewman to perform EVA repairs on a derelict to prepare it for intralunar transit. While experts from Enceladus shipyard regard such operations as near-suicidal, this new precedent opens up new opportunities - and new risks - for unlicensed salvage operations.

Maintenance Records

0.407.7 - Applied Geology

0.403.11 - Forbidden Tales

New wergild rates

With the alarming rise of crime rates, Enceladus Corp sanctioned the next increase of wergild rates, ranging from 10,000E$ for property damage up to 50,000E$ for aggravated assault. Unlike bounty, wergilds are only to be collected by a licenced bounty hunter. Individuals seeking a hunter licence should contact your local Vilcy operative.

Anarchy Sightings

The terrorist organization known as Ganymedean Anarchy claimed responsibility for multiple attacks and extortions in the rings. With suspicions of the group being supported by citizens of the Enceladus Prime stations, station authorities launched a full-scale investigation into the matter. As to this day location of the base of operations of the nefarious group remains undiscovered.

Ganymedian Prejudice

With increased pirate attacks, many Ganymedean citizens who sought refugee on Enceladus after the Titan crisis are facing waves of prejudice and hostility. While stations authorities issued a statement condemning the acts of violence, the local Vilcy spokesman offered no comments under the pretence of an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Maintenance Records

0.397.5 - Enemy Mines

You will no longer get separate messages from Vilcy patrols made from several ships. I moved Elon Interstellar Model E’s weapon mounts a few centimetres forward so projectiles won’t hit the beak in an unlucky manoeuvre. Fixed a bug that caused pulse lasers to deal no thermal damage unless operating on maximum frequency. Fixed missing dialogue options when you encounter dead bodies in rings. Attacking one of the ships being in combat will make the other one appreciate you for it. Updated translations. Kzinti Lesson Mk2 thermal output now scales more gently, making it more suitable for mining. You can now come on board Ganymedean Anarchy station even if your faction standing is not maxed out. Hovering over past dialogue options with the mouse will not highlight them anymore. EIAA 1337 autopilot will now hold relative velocity to any selected target as long as you keep the X button pressed. I improved the stability of the AR1500 Manipulator code. You cannot extend your claim when you don’t have enough money anymore. Fixed rounding error in railgun code that caused the last bullet not to be usable. The dialogue reply button will not disappear if you close the OMS screen while the animation is still playing.

0.396.4 - Coherent Light

0.395.8 - Finite Space

0.394.4 - Tiny Details

0.387.6 - Sensory Overload

New mining claim options now available

Starting today Enceladian mining claims can be obtained in different variants. Varied periods of claims allow both small and medium-sized excavation companies to effectively protect their mining investments. Enceladus Corp representative denies the connection of new, updated claim options to the recent anti-trust investigation against the company.

New generation of quantum processors released

The release of 11th generation Obonto Microengineering Q7 quantum processors promises over 30% improvement in the processing capabilities of q-network based artificial intelligence using the popular processor as their primary platform.

Safety upgrade for GNU/Antonos-based autopilots

Released today patch 3.1457 of the open GNU/Antonos autopilot system focuses on safety improvements. While the patch contains multiple bug fixes, the most obvious change is an extension of the digital sensor bus, allowing the transport of metadata like visual warning signals for the pilot.

Maintenance Records