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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - Build 49964653987997569

Basic Info

Build ID 49964653987997569
Install directory Witcher Enhanced Edition, The /
Root product ID 1207658924
Build pubished 2017-03-09 12:32
Branch Not set
Version 1.0 (A)
URL https://gog-cdn-fastly.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/31/7e/317ea086e8eb620e7fa6d7302cbc08a7
Tags csb_1_0_9_o_118
Client ID 49834280480078858
Client secret 806a42b2e03a0da6bfe846a515830a2f819abd7379a9c78bc9646c534d0d6eae
Dependencies None
Script interpreter False
Generation 2

Cloud Saves

Name Path
saves <?APPLICATION_SUPPORT?>/com.cdprojektred.TheWitcher/GameDocuments/The Witcher/Saves


Name Product ID Script Temp executable Temp arguments
Witcher: Enhanced Edition, The 1207658924 Contents/Resources/goggame-1207658924.script


Languages Product ID Size Bitness Attribute Manifest ID
en 1207658924 14.2 GB Any dd761b663ecb5bfefeea8ddb4595e5f3
* 1207658924 2.0 kB Any Offline 7916299337067e4fc730f5c13132b696