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The Cat Lady - Build 51222855083211800

Basic Info

Install Directory The Cat Lady/
Root Product ID 1207659201
URL https://cdn.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/a2/82/a282f0c46fb4e98632cc61326bec76af
Tags csb_10_4_0_w_25
Client ID 49155287778621509
Client Secret f6040c4945f5e16cd1075374d385edcf068811ff5d62b32bf61863d1837569c5
Dependencies None
Generation 2


Product ID Name
1207659201 The Cat Lady


Languages Product ID Size Bitness GOG Depot Is Offline Manifest ID
en-US 1207659201 1.5 GB Any No No 12de799b60a74047f325d1cb30e9e874
en-US 1207659201 2.2 kB Any Yes No 2ccdda6244cf9efc47d7704af4866373
en-US 1207659201 2.2 kB Any Yes No ca3ee4415c790de691c2df86ca154afd
* 1207659201 424 Bytes Any Yes No 22457cc9128d95f21f3e3b7451b09f1e
en-US 1207659201 491 Bytes Any No No 0d419544612dd114322b3ab417b4c28f
* 1207659201 1.8 kB Any No Yes 073614bbb0ba3d5d7121d7db6a82a0b1