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American McGee's Grimm - Season 3

Product ID 1207663023
Slug american_mcgees_grimm_season_3
Product Type Game
Access Unlisted
Supported Sytems W
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Languages English
Secret No
Price visible No
Reviews enabled No
Content system compatibility W
Coming soon No
Pre-order No
Development active No


Forum https://www.gog.com/forum/american_mcgees_grimm
Background image https://images.gog.com/5accc4d7f2706d4ac5c91b5b809bf7f4e6f72d944a718fc14752feb7dad17365.jpg
Logo image https://images.gog.com/c43e1568dfa8f7663d4d64dee648cf70731cfd24484eeeb45742a1c24dc20134.jpg
Icon https://images.gog.com/13b80986293a07713b501f065f2d93693d8250b56985aba32f9e9709478fc59f.png
Galaxy API https://api.gog.com/products/1207663023?expand=downloads,expanded_dlcs,description,screenshots,videos,related_products,changelog
Builds Windows


Name OS Language Type Size Version
American McGee's Grimm - Season 3 (Part 1 of 2) W en Installer 34.6 MB N/A
American McGee's Grimm - Season 3 (Part 2 of 2) W en Installer 2.3 GB N/A
Name Category Type Size Count
Avatars Avatars Bonus 6.3 MB 32
Artworks Artworks Bonus 12.6 MB 46


Build ID OS Version Date Gen Repository ID
11321 W N/A 2015-01-05 1 26821829




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