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The Witcher Adventure Game - Build 50161808255929496

Basic Info

Build ID 50161808255929496
Install directory The Witcher Adventure Game.app/
Root product ID 1207666883
Build pubished 2017-05-16 12:40
Branch Not set
Version 1.2.5 (2)
URL https://cdn.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/4f/e2/4fe22b7d2efd8466649bfb17507942a2
Tags csb_1_0_9_o_118
Client ID 47506000255544483
Client secret f29e1131de1c89679e68ad19773dfde24358a02b41c01cc05e6995ef66967241
Dependencies None
Script interpreter False
Generation 2


Name Product ID Script Temp executable Temp arguments
The Witcher Adventure Game 1207666883 Contents/Resources/goggame-1207666883.script


Languages Product ID Size Bitness Attribute Manifest ID
en 1207666883 728.6 MB Any 6fdf31126e6db2f4eced25fd724111f4
* 1207666883 1.7 kB Any Offline be393819d82ffb71b09daa5c76db4676