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Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition

Product ID 1289070799
Product type Game
API availability Galaxy + Store API
In store No
Developers Terminal Reality
Publisher Ziggurat Interactive
Last updated 2024-03-05 03:48
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Slug terminal_velocity_boosted_edition_game
Tags Action, Sci-fi, Shooter
Features Achievements, Cloud saves, Controller support, Overlay, Single-player
Localizations English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Is using Dosbox No
Supported sytems W
Content system compatibility W
Added to DB on 2023-02-20

Store Details

Global release date No data
GOG release date No data
Store state None
Age rating No rating
Is in development No
Store link No data
Forum link https://www.gog.com/forum/terminal_velocity
Support link https://www.gog.com/support/terminal_velocity_boosted_edition_game


Logo https://images.gog-statics.com/cdd0ee4f51c17d2808beb03b11a5b18aef2811b7eae62f1ef83f2c7449ec1cac.jpg
Background https://images.gog-statics.com/7e9b04dc25220db609f2e4bdc9f9d6ed6d226d833543e59fbab2bf99fc4208f9.jpg
Icon https://images.gog-statics.com/be40efaa30e9f0e1b13499dd0e81659955bd73ad897b93e9af65f2ac4b54caf8.jpg
Galaxy background https://images.gog-statics.com/848a6e969ac00350159cbf7277d501ec19a23536800185bf7223cb68f2dd73ae.jpg
Boxart https://images.gog-statics.com/16e36493911ecf948b0054b9e015e684c19c3a6630c58d6ae66e2f055ebad912.jpg
Square icon https://images.gog-statics.com/eb9ebb66b6cd244addfd44a6813ed8a91100a9be935313400b6e95f593a374b0.jpg

API Links

Galaxy API https://api.gog.com/products/1289070799?expand=downloads,expanded_dlcs,description,screenshots,videos,related_products,changelog
Store API https://api.gog.com/v2/games/1289070799
Store API V1 (deprecated) https://api.gog.com/v1/games/1289070799
Galaxy GamesDB https://gamesdb.gog.com/platforms/gog/external_releases/1289070799
Builds Windows https://content-system.gog.com/products/1289070799/os/windows/builds?generation=2
Builds macOS Unavailable
GOG DB data https://www.gogdb.org/data/products/1289070799

Included in

ID Name Type Systems
1861746002 Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition Package W


Name OS Language Size Version
Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition W English 186.6 MB 1.0.4


Build ID OS Version Date Gen Repository ID
57004551646949740 W 1.0.4 2023-11-13 2 d5309fd1d144ad97d8d689a83c4831f1
56613190921872340 W 1.0.3 2023-06-21 2 7d715016eb4acfed2184a43a6b9c6094
56317701115535681 W 1.0.2 2023-03-10 2 529dca69939741ed7a1549f12cb7d9f4




+ Build added: 57004551646949740 2023-11-13
o Download changed: Installer, Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition, Windows, en
Version 1.0.3 ⇒ 1.0.4, Size 84.9 MB ⇒ 186.6 MB
+ Build added: 56613190921872340 2023-06-21
o Download changed: Installer, Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition, Windows, en
Version 1.0.2 ⇒ 1.0.3, Size 186.6 MB ⇒ 84.9 MB
+ Build added: 56317701115535681 2023-03-14
+ Download added: Installer, Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition, Windows, en
Version 1.0.2, Size 186.6 MB
+ Product added to DB 2023-02-20