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Heart of the Woods - Build 52159207193214174

Basic Info

Install Directory Heart of the Woods/
Root Product ID 1407126652
URL https://cdn.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/18/e2/18e25bd9cf9fb276eba8e9293b790486
Tags csb_10_5_2_w_102
Client ID 52147901430279793
Client Secret 0365ec41738312261b334c7e6170dc1b8ee5505038e7c03f59874f2e3d909bef
Dependencies None
Generation 2


Product ID Name
1407126652 Heart of the Woods


Languages Product ID Size Bitness GOG Depot Is Offline Manifest ID
en-US 1407126652 1.4 GB Any No No c0ccb7dd2be8240033e5012a92b43596
en-US 1407126652 23.0 kB Any Yes No 461d3c49c5d7546d6ff67c7165a19e41
en-US 1407126652 792 Bytes Any Yes No 6c065ae9956cdabaa2edcedc07456d62
* 1407126652 1.0 kB Any No Yes 5938150d43aa5159a9e9b97f248885c7