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Release Notes for Ctrl Alt Ego

Patch Notes v 1.3.2 (29th August 2023)

Fix: Broken prompts In non-English version

Patch Notes v 1.3.1 (28th August 2023)

Just a hot-fix to Major update 1.3: Tripwires were re-enabling themselves

Major Update 1.3: Performance Boost & Revamped Aesthetic (27th August 2023)


Locations now have a simulated measure of GLOOM and HEAT, both of which impact location look and feel. Darker darks, less flat looking generally, greater lighting clarity.

Here's a 20 second video showing some selected before and after shots:


The GLOOM setting can be adjusted. Look under Settings > Display > More

Set GLOOM to 0% to get back to the 'classic' look (i.e. how things looked before this update). Or increase it for a more moody vibe.


A tonne of unexciting under-the-hood changes to render frames faster. Pretty decent result - on an NVidia GTX 1070 (the min recommended spec) seeing a +50%-ish framerate improvement.

An important first-step towards console ports.

And should mean a much better experience playing on Steam Deck.

Other Changes

Patch Notes v 1.2.10 (16th July 2023)

Pup Power

Pup bark (bach) gains an extra function... the sheer sonic force of the bach can now give objects a little jolt.

Other Fixes Fix/Change: Matey Boy recharger bots can now charge Pups when they're inside the little cages Fix: Slight visual glitch with Pup camera seeing its own eye when turning fast Tweak: Ceiling lights in Conscious Robot Services residential better shadows from the evil eyes Fix (hope): Added some safety colliders around Freight Workshop to prevent pups falling off the map Fix: There were a few DAD broken piece instances in Freight Workshop that needed updating (they weren't responding correctly to physics) A few Turkish translation fix-ups

Patch Notes v (10th July 2023)

Türkçe! The Turkish translation has arrived! New players (fresh install) will be prompted to select the game language. Or if you've already started playing and would like to switch, head to Settings > Language > Change Language

Other Changes

Patch Notes v (30th June 2023)

Русский The first translation of the game has arrived: Russian! Да, русский!

Why Russian? It's down to the superb efforts of a very helpful Russian player-turned-translator (SoSlowMan) - he's done an exceptional job - including going to great lengths to try to capture a flavour of the quirky British humour.

New players (fresh install) will be prompted to select the game language. Alternatively, if you've already started playing, head to Settings > Language > Change Language

More languages are coming!. Turkish and Portuguese (Brazilian) are getting closer by the day. After that, Ukrainian and Spanish. Hoping to add 'all' the languages eventually.

Other Fixes Fix: At The Cloud, don't show the taxi marker if taxi hasn't yet arrived Fix: CRS Corporate "Come back later" task was getting marked complete prematurely Tweak: Grab sound effect reduce volume slightly Probable Fix: Added fatter colliders to several vent pieces to reduce likelihood of physics glitches

Patch Notes v (24th June 2023)

Grab Toggle

Instead of holding the left mouse button down (or RB with controller) to grab and carry stuff, it's now a toggle, just like in all the other games.

It comes with its own audio and visual FX to help convey the idea that carried object behaviour remains physics driven (unlike most other games) and responds to bumps and scrapes.

Game Controller Look Acceleration

Game Controller revision: The last patch (v1.2.6) opted all gamepad users in to 'look acceleration' because wrongly assumed everyone would want that.

So there's now an option for it, and it's OFF by default.

Unfortunately this means there may be a few of you who when they get this update wonder why the game controller feels so different suddenly - to fix that head to Settings > Controls > Game Controller and enable Look Acceleration to get back to the feel of the last patch.

Other Fixes

Patch Notes v (18th June 2023)

Game Controller Improvements

Interact - If enabled, helps make interactions such as collecting juice and selecting small buttons a little easier by making the interactable object slightly 'sticky'

Combat - if enabled, your aim 'locks on' to sentient robots once you've got them in your sights

They're OFF by default i.e. you need to visit this screen and enable the options if you want them.

Note: These settings apply to game controller input only, mouse/keyboard input not affected.

Other Bits

Patch Notes v (14th June 2023)

Another day, another hotfix: Downloaded DADs were falling through the floor.

Patch Notes v (12th June 2023)

The tooltips / explanatory text had stopped showing up when looking at the difficulty settings screen when hovering over the options with the mouse - this is a hotfix for that. The Missions/Choose Gear screen was similarly affected. At least one Executor deployment was shouting too loudly due to being in the wrong audio mixer group.

Patch Notes v (9th June 2023)

Game-breaking fix: The transition from Merger -> Bug Free Zone was broken. Fix: task complete notifications background was oversized for some notifications Fix: Timing was wrong for one of PAM's speeches in CRS Science Improvement: Captions now line-wrap so at larger sizes they still fit on screen Fix: You could download yourself/stuff through the lift shaft wall in CRS Residential Fix: Eliminate exploit whereby you could download yourself through walls (thanks Dani Filth for explaining how)

Patch Notes v (8th June 2023)

The Conscious Robot Services floor directory screens were showing up blank since the last patch - this is just a hotfix for that

Patch Notes v1.2.1 (6th June 2023)