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AER – Memories of Old - Build 51327284498520796

Basic Info

Install Directory AER Memories of Old.app/
Root Product ID 1509324336
URL https://cdn.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/7b/89/7b89e3a2b19527f2593cb903617e7371
Tags csb_10_4_0_w_33
Client ID 49854609386510630
Client Secret 21baf556be176b821c44fb0296ca6ffa8ee9a1228e154e65723cdff537410299
Dependencies None
Generation 2


Product ID Name
1509324336 AER Memories of Old


Languages Product ID Size Bitness GOG Depot Is Offline Manifest ID
en-US 1509324336 1.5 GB Any No No 2283b91aeb52fed18e8a205a18af1a8b
en-US 1509324336 5.9 kB Any Yes No fc5e030a9fb1854128c4f43903797013
en-US 1509324336 5.9 kB Any Yes No d8296fbf548a205a423dcaa617831103
* 1509324336 1.7 kB Any No Yes aed5b33aeda70c624cbe5b73bcf6c825