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ΔV: Rings of Saturn Demo - Build 54869440026239458

Basic Info

Build ID 54869440026239458
Install directory ΔV Rings of Saturn Demo.app/
Root product ID 1606695771
Build pubished 2021-10-26 08:25
Branch Not set
Version 0.407.7
URL https://cdn.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/72/01/72013b6b3c4302d735f5437f890e444e
Tags csb_10_6_1_w_147
Client ID 54646958472535349
Client secret 4b37e5217e6f7755767997bf54c83bb6a10f826f1413dacd4163ac45a5b78c61
Dependencies None
Script interpreter False
Generation 2


Name Product ID Script Temp executable Temp arguments
ΔV: Rings of Saturn Demo 1606695771


Languages Product ID Size Bitness Attribute Manifest ID
en-US 1606695771 541.1 MB Any f018645863007af179cb094e936f183a
en-US 1606695771 383 Bytes Any GOG 0231d0ab50b109b9ad4572528d7c09a3
en-US 1606695771 536 Bytes Any GOG 88ffef7c77b1dd2bb375a45874f52a84
* 1606695771 38 Bytes Any GOG 118ded12c14a075e884782ffebbb86a2
* 1606695771 1.4 kB Any Offline f7ec3a6607c5d3d4a7810daac8023381