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Release Notes for Unavowed

Patch 1.3.1


-Adjusted bad endings -Savegames will not break.

More explicitly:

We created a small update to the game today. Choosing a "bad" ending no longer results in an instant game over. The game will auto-load an autosave which takes you back to before the Big Decision and let you try again.

This "game over" has been in the game for almost four years, so why change it now? I shall explain, although be warned the explaination is a tiny bit spoilery.

A large number of players went into the "bad endings" without realizing that they could make a different choice, and got understandably angry and upset when horrible things happened to their character. This is a definite design fail on my part, and after long deliberation I have decided to rectify it. If you encountered one of these endings and assumed it was canon, then I can only apologize and say it wasn't my intention. Thanks!

-Dave et al

Patch 1.3

Patch 1.2

Hello everyone! At long last, we have an update for Unavowed that fixes some important bugs. Specifically, the "Mandana and Logan in the storage unit" bug. We also updated the engine to take care of a tinting problem on the openGL renderer. And best of all: these fixes do NOT break saves.

Thank you everyone for your patience. All your kind words mean the world.

-Dave, et al