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Between the Stars - Build 52276054295750751

Basic Info

Install Directory Between the Stars/
Root Product ID 1690645681
URL https://cdn.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/37/c4/37c40c4b8f6132f73efca1746dab0ebb
Tags csb_10_6_0_w_115, editor_v_1_4_0, galaxy
Client ID 52170756475277288
Client Secret b82b7687b83909351b102728a8b3d84a9ded764a891b809164028e51285e095a
Dependencies dotNet35, dotNet35C
Generation 2


Product ID Name
1690645681 Between the Stars


Languages Product ID Size Bitness GOG Depot Is Offline Manifest ID
en-US 1690645681 4.1 GB 64 No No b3ea8257efaf30619a6309f98b58ed10
en-US 1690645681 5.9 kB 64 Yes No f3ce3c1e56c60491a0ba566c95c8a2d1
en-US 1690645681 647 Bytes 64 Yes No 23b49b35490cf0f47a2d635df05a29c5
* 1690645681 1.7 kB Any No Yes 935efaf8092fd27f150fe20ecfdcce04