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TUNIC + TUNIC (Original Game Soundtrack)

Product ID 1695853338
Product type Package
API availability Galaxy + Store API
In store Yes
Developers ISOMETRICORP Games Ltd.
Publisher Finji
Last updated 2024-03-03 08:00
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Start End Base Final Discount
2022-03-16 2022-12-08 $38.99 $38.99 -
2022-12-08 2022-12-12 $38.99 $31.19 20%
2022-12-12 2023-11-14 $38.99 $38.99 -
2023-11-14 2023-11-28 $38.99 $31.19 20%
2023-11-28 2024-01-25 $38.99 $38.99 -
2024-01-25 2024-02-06 $38.99 $31.19 20%
2024-02-06 2024-03-03 $38.99 $38.99 -
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Slug tunic_bundle
Tags Action, Adventure, Exploration
Features Cloud saves, Controller support, Overlay, Single-player
Localizations Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
Is using Dosbox No
Supported sytems W M
Content system compatibility W
Added to DB on 2022-03-16

Store Details

Global release date 2022-03-16
GOG release date 2022-03-16
Store state default
Age rating No rating
Is in development No
Store link https://www.gog.com/game/tunic_bundle
Forum link https://www.gog.com/forum/tunic
Support link https://www.gog.com/support/tunic_bundle


Logo https://images.gog-statics.com/7894e9890a7240f85219dbd4d243a909ebc64ba14cedf13cd4a4eca80fa16709.jpg
Background https://images.gog-statics.com/e97d074016a9d04324a2ceebe5fc1fbddcc384cb578cfc5b77ae94cd6ca304c9.jpg
Icon https://images.gog-statics.com/d5ed59128a133581443f5274b0e8547ff489e5309c66a22bf726193cacc47cbf.jpg
Galaxy background https://images.gog-statics.com/3f698d446b4ff5012428b1c56e2545a9df1aac7c39b7510b157650e6f3048a9e.jpg
Boxart https://images.gog-statics.com/a94a2b0016f0f0e45eec668b927fa30e888449031ed35dc387db789a774dc8a0.jpg
Square icon https://images.gog-statics.com/3b45bc55249c61e4020de3ed220f0ba4909cf641a67bdcc4d494554a615283eb.jpg

API Links

Galaxy API https://api.gog.com/products/1695853338?expand=downloads,expanded_dlcs,description,screenshots,videos,related_products,changelog
Store API https://api.gog.com/v2/games/1695853338
Store API V1 (deprecated) https://api.gog.com/v1/games/1695853338
Galaxy GamesDB https://gamesdb.gog.com/platforms/gog/external_releases/1695853338
Builds Windows https://content-system.gog.com/products/1695853338/os/windows/builds?generation=2
Builds macOS Unavailable
GOG DB data https://www.gogdb.org/data/products/1695853338

Third Party Sites

PCGamingWiki https://pcgamingwiki.com/api/gog.php?page=1695853338


ID Name Type Systems
1624575010 TUNIC (Original Game Soundtrack) DLC W M

Included games

ID Name Type Systems
1624575010 TUNIC (Original Game Soundtrack) DLC W M
1716751705 TUNIC Game W M
No downloads available.


No builds available.




+ Product added to DB 2022-03-16