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Release Notes for Becastled

Update (1 February 2023)


Update (27 January 2023)

Update (23 January 2023)


Also some bugs were fixed and pathfinding speed was improved.

Update (22 December 2022)

It mainly features our new navigation system. It gives us much better control over unit movement and other move related logic in the game. For example movement on walls was completely remade from scratch and should work much better with no units being stuck anywhere.

We have also reworked and fixed many parts of the game to allow us to much more easily work on new content and provide a smoother game experience! The fundamental changes to game code have put us past the bottleneck that was our third-party navigation system and will allow us to work faster and on more ambitious tasks.

Hotfix (27 June 2021)

Update (14 May 2021)

Update (8 May 2021)

Patch HotFix (19 March 2021)

Patch HotFix (5 March 2021)

Patch v0.1.23 (26 Feb 2021)

Also, we are working on making enemy AI’s better! (they will not go into maze tactics)