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Monkey King: Master of the Clouds - Build 51567696770952032

Basic Info

Build ID 51567696770952032
Install directory Monkey King/
Root product ID 1770462332
Build pubished 2018-09-13 11:15
Branch Not set
Version gog-1
URL https://cdn.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/37/6d/376d866df59fdfb60b7dbfad0bdcce35
Tags csb_10_5_0_w_28, galaxy
Client ID 51419588313014859
Client secret 21d9f674dcb7667e14e81ed121441d93a620b5e8f7e144747182b82a386db05a
Dependencies None
Script interpreter True
Generation 2


Name Product ID Script Temp executable Temp arguments
Monkey King 1770462332


Languages Product ID Size Bitness Attribute Manifest ID
en-US 1770462332 221.5 MB Any 8458c10493a01e5b22b7fe9889c2f7b6
en-US 1770462332 5.8 kB Any GOG 33cb2aeef76d78f44447e4150bd6c7a4
en-US 1770462332 651 Bytes Any GOG b03fb9c34911c9e11ed731b786260e02
* 1770462332 1.6 kB Any Offline 41790bbf15b5f36cfbe697ef724c97be