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Ticket to Ride

Product ID 1797477952
Slug ticket_to_ride
Product Type Game
Access Unlisted
Supported Sytems W M
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Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Secret No
Price visible No
Reviews enabled No
Content system compatibility W M
Coming soon No
Pre-order No
Development active No


Forum https://www.gog.com/forum/ticket_to_ride
Background image https://images.gog.com/c206ecb9359f87104afaab9096b8b90a413a593ec2e676334cd67d01f92447aa.jpg
Logo image https://images.gog.com/6715cbaf9794a9357ab28ee66c54e7d5da8f8aa1de33575c3dc3efcf867cc710.jpg
Icon https://images.gog.com/8189a58b1907bd83a006a39c8be97d0bee1b98e0dbae6d9ae9120ac813b68a45.png
Galaxy API https://api.gog.com/products/1797477952?expand=downloads,expanded_dlcs,description,screenshots,videos,related_products,changelog
Builds Windows
Builds macOS


Name OS Language Type Size Version
Ticket to Ride (Part 1 of 2) W en Installer 2.1 MB 2.7.10-6769-a4311929
Ticket to Ride (Part 2 of 2) W en Installer 657.5 MB 2.7.10-6769-a4311929
Ticket to Ride M en Installer 551.6 MB 2.7.9-6736-e6c03878


Build ID OS Version Date Gen Repository ID
53547493030112631 W 2.7.10-6769-a4311929 2020-07-27 2 aa97cdde5ae28513704c6e6a58238360
53547470293766606 M 2.7.10-6769-a4311929 2020-07-27 2 8ec8ff1953a8d2ca10b9e2487b526be0
53477672468544077 W 2.7.9-6736-e6c03878 2020-07-03 2 9210c0f7c51c6fbe7645c6e889af872d
53477627681640202 M 2.7.9-6736-e6c03878 2020-07-03 2 80a3276e358b085cf21415d77d1a9075




o Changed download size - Installer, Ticket to Ride, Windows, en - 648.0 MB ⇒ 659.6 MB (+11.5 MB) 2020-11-21
o Changed download version - Installer, Ticket to Ride, Windows, en - 2.7.9-6736-e6c03878 ⇒ 2.7.10-6769-a4311929 2020-11-21
o Changed access - Private ⇒ Unlisted 2020-10-21
o Changed access - Unlisted ⇒ Private 2020-10-21
+ Added download - Installer, Ticket to Ride, Mac, en 2020-07-08
+ Added download - Installer, Ticket to Ride, Windows, en 2020-07-08
+ Added to database 2020-07-08