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Product ID 2023990229
Product type Game
API availability Unavailable
In store No
Developers Weather Factory
Publisher Weather Factory
Last updated 2023-06-12 06:57
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Start End Base Final Discount
2023-05-25 2023-06-12 $0 $0 -
2023-06-12 2024-05-26 - - -
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Slug book_of_hours_demo
Tags Narrative, Puzzle, Role-playing
Features Overlay, Single-player
Localizations English
Is using Dosbox No
Supported sytems W M L
Content system compatibility W M
Added to DB on 2023-05-25

Store Details

Global release date No data
GOG release date 2023-05-25
Store state None
Age rating No rating
Is in development No
Store link No data
Forum link https://www.gog.com/forum/book_of_hours
Support link https://www.gog.com/support/book_of_hours_demo


Logo https://images.gog-statics.com/e4817b7c71b7fc6bf79436e3945ab61f2d00b7a3b24a78c6152365f9eaf89c5c.jpg
Background https://images.gog-statics.com/ee6a6e2580a4ff700dcf7922bae142653ee1080bd15192b2ccdd4dabd88dab01.jpg
Icon https://images.gog-statics.com/0eab882a0a7148cae894875244291c1fc4ba72f0953959033cdbb5eac1ea72c5.jpg
Galaxy background https://images.gog-statics.com/bb4b6c984b5480266a00cd4ed8c624e6f51d52414ad41f9916b21098f5aa2648.jpg
Boxart https://images.gog-statics.com/c62ed1b0284d6cdde5cc8e7b254da9ef128364f7a4ddd8066c2e72a2f3e2996f.jpg
Square icon https://images.gog-statics.com/c3dccc1319a86e4d887bf9e64a6cf4155a5cacceb0f65ae2a7651c382aa6a694.jpg

API Links

Galaxy API https://api.gog.com/products/2023990229?expand=downloads,expanded_dlcs,description,screenshots,videos,related_products,changelog
Store API https://api.gog.com/v2/games/2023990229
Store API V1 (deprecated) https://api.gog.com/v1/games/2023990229
Galaxy GamesDB https://gamesdb.gog.com/platforms/gog/external_releases/2023990229
Builds Windows https://content-system.gog.com/products/2023990229/os/windows/builds?generation=2
Builds macOS https://content-system.gog.com/products/2023990229/os/osx/builds?generation=2
GOG DB data https://www.gogdb.org/data/products/2023990229
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Name OS Language Size Version
BOOK OF HOURS Demo W English 1.9 GB 2023.5.s.2
BOOK OF HOURS Demo M English 1.9 GB 2023.5.s.2
BOOK OF HOURS Demo L English 1.9 GB 2023.5.s.1


Name OS Language Size Version
Patch (2023.5.s.1 to 2023.5.s.2) W English 52.4 MB 2023.5.s.2


Build ID OS Version Date Gen Repository ID
56542662910362033 M 2023.5.s.2 2023-05-26 2 7878135263e9b1c81dfc288ff32952ae
56542653173344447 W 2023.5.s.2 2023-05-26 2 53acc8aa11452d7f8c80c4a5d9e32779
56537413480070742 M 2023.5.s.1 2023-05-24 2 a9e7a629e09d1e11c43728295fe556e7
56537399821837580 W 2023.5.s.1 2023-05-24 2 2134f3e300a7ef63856ba5e5830a3869




o Download changed: Installer, BOOK OF HOURS Demo, Mac, en
Version 2023.5.s.1 ⇒ 2023.5.s.2, Size 1.9 GB ⇒ 1.9 GB
+ Build added: 56542653173344447 2023-05-26
+ Build added: 56542662910362033 2023-05-26
+ Download added: Patch, Patch (2023.5.s.1 to 2023.5.s.2), Windows, en
Version 2023.5.s.2, Size 52.4 MB
o Download changed: Installer, BOOK OF HOURS Demo, Windows, en
Version 2023.5.s.1 ⇒ 2023.5.s.2, Size 1.9 GB ⇒ 1.9 GB
+ Product added to DB 2023-05-25