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Heroes of Hammerwatch - Build 52376706782873522

Basic Info

Install Directory Heroes of Hammerwatch/
Root Product ID 2143654691
URL https://cdn.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/df/62/df62cfb9686d25d8b4765f76e62c95b6
Tags csb_10_6_0_w_118, editor_v_1_4_0, galaxy
Client ID 50750374441661937
Client Secret ed1ad8223aad2a7448c07627653c964121d92c09c51af334426e536702704c9f
Dependencies MSVC2013, MSVC2015, MSVC2017
Generation 2


Product ID Name
2143654691 Heroes of Hammerwatch
2131309349 Heroes of Hammerwatch: Pyramid of Prophecy
1284903890 Heroes of Hammerwatch: Witch Hunter


Languages Product ID Size Bitness GOG Depot Is Offline Manifest ID
en-US 2143654691 239.2 MB Any No No 64e8b97832267d90fb77ae0624b81013
en-US 2143654691 33.4 MB Any No No afd4a8959e842e5d531ab6da611fa52e
en-US 2143654691 1.4 kB Any Yes No 4e22b86413145af048defc54a72cf55f
en-US 2143654691 819 Bytes Any Yes No 9b0fecd12bb1c3dce63696889ff4717f
en-US 2131309349 157 Bytes Any Yes No 8618616fa434e5ea375a1ed5eef0aeaa
en-US 2131309349 301 Bytes Any Yes No b0387327f3b8721064f7e9f03e885a2b
en-US 1284903890 157 Bytes Any Yes No d013c192c312ab0265a51146296c1dee
en-US 1284903890 294 Bytes Any Yes No d72fc6f3e9754cbf5de838ad8ffbdd33
* 2143654691 2.6 kB Any No Yes 6b709faf42c88b2ce2221f68757c2ca1