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BOOK OF HOURS - Build 56789735721126988

Basic Info

Build ID 56789735721126988
Install directory BOOK OF HOURS.app/
Root product ID 1335689653
Build pubished 2023-08-19 17:34
Branch Not set
Version 2023.8.b.5.1
URL https://gog-cdn-fastly.gog.com/content-system/v2/meta/86/e1/86e178f0d3155b8253b7d11484623c8c
Tags csb_10_6_1_w_158
Client ID 55701523978956086
Client secret e7ec84a4a61470f068020144ce658ee462f3fa1d79a540d74689720a6c9a19f1
Dependencies None
Script interpreter False
Generation 2


Name Product ID Script Temp executable Temp arguments
BOOK OF HOURS 1335689653
BOOK OF HOURS: Perpetual Edition Content 1228572957


Languages Product ID Size Bitness Attribute Manifest ID
en-US 1335689653 2.9 GB Any e30225c4d809a666aefb8206596d7329
en-US 1335689653 11.8 kB Any GOG f65114b4798cbc28f38adf71165263f9
en-US 1335689653 546 Bytes Any GOG f7033f32314f1b55e93288f04b0744b0
en-US 1228572957 75.9 MB Any e91491105a21977f2683527e61821741
en-US 1228572957 329 Bytes Any GOG 9920d4e3f478612a0eeb521eac4ee3ec
en-US 1228572957 299 Bytes Any GOG 74b815ba8e92eabca9960c9ea606f106
* 1335689653 1.9 kB Any Offline 5c6a8cbbe30bfb70153c5f77e18a3258